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408 775 0369
6228 S. 233rd St. Kent, WA 98032 USA


tebah. Usa@gmail.com

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Uni Bank Routing # : 125108861 Account # : 21015954 Tebah USA

Tebah USA

Tebah is a non-profit organization aiming for cooperative projects to develop the lagged regions of the northern compatriots,

including Koreans in North Korea, Russia and China,

for the purpose of supporting the Korean people to be self-reliant.

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Our News


North Korea Supportenter text here

Supporting North Korean children and rural areas through humanitarian support

Russian Korean Support

Providing Korean language education and technical training for Russian Koreans.

Reunification Vision Trip

Providing a rewarding trip close to the North Korean border that envisions the reunification of two Koreas.


Sponsor BOL Project

Your generous gift provides a growing North Korean child with the necessary nutrients by serving bread and soya milk for a month

Sponsor Russian Korean Project

Your sponsorship help them to rediscover their rich linguistic heritage through Korean language education and to find employment through job training.

Brighten the Day of the Children in North Korea

Brighten the Day of the Children in North Korea!
Lunch break with bread and soya milk is the most awaited time of the day for the hungry children.

Your monthly gift of $10 can brighten their day

Your monthly gift of $10 can brighten their day.
BOL (Bread of Life) Project Donate: $10/month
Supporting: Bread and soya milk (6 days a week, 25 days a month in average)


Tebah provides a lifeline that connects the Korean people and the next generation,

bringing hope and affection to the northern region.

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